Kathryn Gable had come into my office with a stern look on her face, her chin held high, wearing a dress of fussy green. She had introduced herself, sat down in the chair before my desk and said, “I understand you have a reputation.”

In my previous life, I was a cop with little respect for authority or the chain of command for the Virginia Beach PD. Looking back on the situation now, I had lasted five years, three years longer than I would’ve assumed possible. As a private investigator, I’m allowed to have no respect for authority, no filter for my mouth or my brain, determine my caseload, and take vacations when the mood strikes me . . . In fact, I’d just returned from one of those vacations the day before Kathryn had arrived in my office.

I smiled at Kathryn and wondered what she’d heard, though I wasn’t quite ready to go back to work again. My response was somewhat indifferent as I managed, “Oh, really?” ~~ Excerpt from Graceful Immortality