Falling Immortality

booksmall Felicity had blown into my office in a blue skirt two inches too short. Her blonde hair and makeup appeared to be sculpted. With hardly a glance from her crystal blue eyes, she sat down in one of my two guest chairs, while I remained behind my mahogany desk ready for action. I’d even leaned back in my desk chair to send a message of confidence and competence.

“I can’t pay you very much,” she now said.

Money wasn’t an issue for me. I had my parents’ trust fund to keep me afloat — the one thing they hadn’t done when their fancy yacht went down in a storm off the Mexican coast. The PI business didn’t pay all that well, and neither did the cop business, but I loved the work. I cleared my throat and told her, “If I solve it, we’ll talk about my fee. I have reasonable rates.” ~~ Excerpt from Falling Immortality


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